More Roadtrip FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

While getting ready

  1. The car is the best ally to make beautiful discoveries. By stopping here and there, the journey is part of the journey. Then we’re off on an adventure!
  2. Get off the beaten path and see actual communities and natural wonders.
  3. You will meet people as diverse and foreign to you as those who speak another language. You will learn new recipes, new names and new ways of living.
  4. You can take turns driving so you won’t get tired of driving and your back also won’t hurt too much.
  5. You just want to have an excuse to make a road trip playlist, don’t you!
  6. and of course, you become a more spontaneous person after a road trip!

Once you’ve had a look at our dates all you need to do now is let us know that you are keen to find out more. This is easily done by clicking on the Apply Now button in the Header of each page (or just click here!) which will take you to our application form.

One of our friendly Erratic team member will get back to you, to set up a video call session to collect more facts about yourself, securing a personalized journey with proper amenities.

This process is valuable to us, noting your personal needs and providing you with all the details of the journey so we can craft something very special for all 8 persons.  

Then, we’ll send you an invitation with all payment options to make a 50% deposit in 5 days and that’ll lock in the spot. Easy!

Then you just need to pay the balance as outlined in your final payment email before the due date.

We expect that participants are averagely healthy and have average physical condition.

In your own interest, you are strongly advised to buy suitable travel insurance before leaving home, including cancellation insurance to protect your booking deposit.

We offer a variety of charter insurance policies so please ask for further information.

Always bring your prescribed medicines in sufficient quantities to be on the safe side. It’s good to be prepared against insect and mosquito bites, headaches caused by the sun/driving and burns.

Personal items required for each member of the crew in order to ensure both safety and a pleasant trip:

  • If you want to live the experience of driving : License and registration. Do NOT leave home without them!
  • Sunglasses,suncream and hat
  • Swimming suits, light color summer clothes (shorts, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Comfy driving clothes
  • Phone charger/USB cord/laptop & tech essentials
  • A day bag : For the times you want to go on a spontaneous walk/hike and need somewhere to store your water bottle/sunscreen/extra jumper etc
  • Proper shoes for hiking(if you re keen on hiking)
  • an awesome driving playlist


    Cars have limited space for storing large bulk items such as hard-sided suitcases. It is advised to pack everything in soft traveling bags.

Accommodation on this trip is single rooms so every traveller will have privaxy and space to relax! If you’d prefer to share room with a friend of your we are happy to make the arrangement.

Yep and you wouldn’t be the first. If you bring a friend, you will get a discount both of you!

Yes! If you’re easy-going, excited about adventure, and love being around people that inspire you, then this adventure could be for you!

Ok, so it is Thursday and we are in Athens what should we do? What about the time arrival on Sunday?

The Meeting Point will be at noon in the city center of Athens. Our Host contact details will be provided to you with your travel documents.

On Sunday we will be back to Athens in the afternoon.

Pricing & Details

Full Prices per person

4 days/ 3 nights: 590€

Bring a friend 

Get 50€ on savings each

Payments are made in two stages:

1) Payment of the first 50% of the price to confirm the booking.

2) Payment of the second 50% at least 60 days prior to your departure.

 If the departure time is within 60 days after the booking, the payment is due in full when confirming the booking.

  • 3 nights accommodation  in single beds with bed linen and full set of towels
  • All breakfasts
  • A medium car shared with 3-4 persons or a mini van shared with 5-7 persons
  • Mobile connectivity in your car
  • Local sim with data
  • Welcome gift bag
  • A Host with an accompanying vehicle to ensure you have an unforgettable Roadtrip experience

Generally breakfast is arranged at the hotels where we’re are staying. For the rest meals of the day, our Host will be there, to tip you about local dishes and give you many choices for every budget.

Shall you wish to cancel your roadtrip, then this can be done via phone or email. The refund policy is based on the time-interval between the travel date and the cancellation date:

 For more that 60 days before the departure  : full refund of the paid amount, minus 150 euros administration fee will be made.

 59 – 40 days prior to departure : 50% of the total holiday fee is retained.
 20 – 0 days prior to departure: 100% of the total holiday fee is retained.

While on the road

Let’s face it. It’s an online world these days! You will have a local sim card with 10G data along with the mobile connectivity in your car. Each allotment we have chosen, provides Wifi, so you keep your business running. Our Host, in every destination, will recommend wifi-cafes where you’ll be able to enjoy a coffee while working on your projects.

International drivers license holders along with their ID/passport are allowed to drive the cars. If you intend to drive, you need to sign the rental car contract not for the basic rental cost but for liability purposes in the event of accidents or damage.

We’ve got you covered! You will suit you with fellow nomads who desire to drive!

This will depend upon the particular destination of the day, however we look to organize our itinerary so that there are not more than 4 hours driving a day. In 4 days week, we will have 2 destinations which are gonna be your base to explore the surrounding areas.

We will aid you to confirm on the day which place we would be in and the best way to get to your destination.

Corpotate & Custom Retreats

Of course you can! Road tripping creates special bonds between those traveling together! We can easily accommodate these wishes. Email us with your plans in as much detail as you can and we will get back to you with availability, rates and suggestions:

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