Tailor made Remote Team Retreats in Greece

We organize unforgettable Remote
Team Retreats in Greece


Unique Retreats in Greece for remote teams and companies that will inspire, motivate and reward.

Would you like to stay in a beautiful and secluded natural area in Greece? Would you like to give your team a chance to go hiking?   How about sailing in the Greek islands…. All of those things, and so much more, are possible if you take the right steps to plan your retreat.               

At Erratic Paths we design vibrant and dynamic retreats in Greece for remote teams and companies who want to step away from their daily responsibilities and see each other, their assumptions and their work with a wider lens and a different perspective.

Our job is to eliminate the pain and the stress of planning one, so you can focus on what matters, strengthen your team culture and have fun in the process too!

How company retreat will help you reach new heights




Unparalleled Team Bonding

Simply getting away from the stressful atmosphere of the workplace can do a world of good. When people make a commitment to spend time together, it can change the way they relate to each other and their work together.

Increase Motivation

Company retreats are invaluable experiences in culture-building, brainstorming and keeping your people engaged. Like spending vacation time, going on a corporate retreat allows your employees to renew their enthusiasm and excitement for work.

It’s Future Investment

In terms of mental ROI, a corporate retreat can do wonders. One of the most important benefits is that of communication. Understanding personalities, sharing thoughts and ideas, all lead to effective communication, which makes better for business.

All the help you need

Planning a company retreat is no easy task. We know!

Our dedicated facilitators make your life easier. They will help you to:

Spend minimum time & energy into planning

Define your goal

Plan around your goal

Stay in-budget

Choose the right location

Choose the right activities

Get constant feedback

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