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Remote Team Retreats in Greece


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Unique Retreats in Greece for remote teams and companies that will
inspire, motivate and reward.

Would you like to stay in a beautiful and secluded natural area in Greece? Would you like to give your team a chance to go hiking?   How about sailing in the Greek islands…. All of those things, and so much more, are possible if you take the right steps to plan your retreat.               

At Erratic Paths we design vibrant and dynamic retreats in Greece for remote teams and companies who want to step away from their daily responsibilities and see each other, their assumptions and their work with a wider lens and a different perspective.

Our job is to eliminate the pain and the stress of planning one, so you can focus on what matters, strengthen your team culture and have fun in the process too!


You'll receive an initial proposal outlining 2-3 destinations with hotel, activities and other intriguing experiences you may add to your Retreat. You can tweak this as much as you like – or even ask for something completely new. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your itinerary.
Destination decided, we wire our local contacts and start planning a Retreat that is completely bespoke to your team's needs and desires. By this stage we have figured out the itinerary and the detailed budget for your final approval.

Reasons to Book your Retreat with the Erratic Paths




Meticulous Planning

We carefully plan every aspect of your itinerary, from start to finish. This attention to detail means you can have absolute confidence that your Retreat is tailored to your company’s needs and desires. By drawing upon extensive research, years of industry experience, and a network of partners we handpick the destinations best suited to you.

We only do Bespoke

No two Retreats are the same. We’re only interested in your vision, culture and people. We don’t mind how long it takes us to get it right for you, one hundred per cent.

Simple and Safe payment

Rather than paying a range of foreign hotels, guest houses, airlines, ferry companies and taxi firms, booking a holiday through Erratic Paths means staying in budget and paying just one price. We understand the value of great customer service and strive to provide you with only the very best – we’re happiest when our clients are happy.

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