More Sailing FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

While getting ready

  1. Sailing is one of the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation. You are using the natural force of the wind to power most of your journey.
  2. Go to places where only those with a boat can go.
  3. Catamaran provides higher level of stability than mono-hull sailing boat, while interior is usually more spacious and comfortable for floating coworking.
  4. Visiting new places and making lifelong, international friends.
  5. Learning about yourself, discovering your strengths and talents, and building your self-confidence.
  6. Oh… and learning about sailing.

Once you’ve had a look at our dates all you need to do now is let us know that you are keen to find out more. This is easily done by clicking on the Apply Now button in the Header of each page (or just click here!) which will take you to our application form.

One of our friendly Erratic team member will get back to you, to set up a video call session to collect more facts about yourself, securing a personalized journey with proper amenities.

This process is valuable to us, noting your personal needs and providing you with all the details of the journey so we can craft something very special for all 8 persons.  

Then, we’ll send you an invitation with all payment options to make a 50% deposit in 5 days and that’ll lock in the spot. Easy!

Then you just need to pay the balance as outlined in your final payment email before the due date.

We expect that participants are averagely healthy and have average physical condition with compulsory knowledge of swimming.

In your own interest, you are strongly advised to buy suitable travel insurance before leaving home, including cancellation insurance to protect your booking deposit.

We offer a variety of charter insurance policies so please ask for further information.

Every yacht is equipped with first aid kit that contains anti-nausea pills, aspirins etc. However, always bring your prescribed medicines in sufficient quantities to be on the safe side. It’s good to be prepared against insect and jellyfish bites, headaches caused by the sun, sea sickness (nausea) and burns.

Personal items required for each member of the crew in order to ensure both safety and a pleasant trip:

  • A hat with a cord to protect loss from wind (we recommend hat with a wide eye-shade).
  • Dark sunglasses with protective lanyard (i.e. tied with a string around the neck against fall and loss).
  • Plenty of high protection sun block (cream, oil, etc.). In addition, after sun lotion is also useful.
  • Swimming suits, usually two or more, light color summer clothes (shorts, T-shirts, etc.).
  • Wind and water proof protection jacket and pants are needed, especially the former. The evening on the yacht can be chilly, bring some warm clothes with long sleeves.
  • Pay special attention to the shoes that you will bring! Besides flip flops and other summer footwear, it is important that you bring non-slippery shoes. Prefer sport shoes with white soles as black soles leave marks on deck. Sandals (non-slippery) are practical and light, but carry the risk of finger injuries.
  • Your favorite music (CDs) and books

Yachts have limited space for storing large bulk items such as hard-sided suitcases. It is advised to pack everything in soft traveling bags.

Most sailing yachts and catamarans are equipped with double cabins only, so prices are based on two people sharing. However, we have loads of solo travelers so if you are travelling solo, wherever possible we will pair you with a traveler of the same gender in one of the available bunk-bed cabins.

Ok, so it is Saturday and we are in Athens what should we do?

The yacht location and our host contact details will be provided to you with your travel documents. You can usually embark your catamaran at or shortly after 14:00 (although in many cases you will be able to board earlier).

Catamaran returns in the marina on the evening of the following Friday, our guests overnight onboard and disembarkation is set for 09.00 (in order for us to be able to prepare the yacht for our next guests according to our standards).

Pricing & Details

Full Prices per person

1 week: 1,900€

2 weeks: 3,700€

Bring a friend 

1 week: 100€ on savings each

2 weeks: 200€ on savings each

Payments are made in two stages:

1) Payment of the first 50% of the price to confirm the booking.

2) Payment of the second 50% at least 60 days prior to your departure.

 If the departure time is within 60 days after the booking, the payment is due in full when confirming the booking.

  • 6 nights accommodation on board sailing
  • 6 breakfasts, 4 light lunches, and 2 dinners 
  • Security deposit for the yacht and all safety regulations equipment
  • Fuel, water, port taxes
  • A fully qualified Skipper
  • A host to ensure you have an unforgettable sailing experience
  • A welcome gift bag
  • Bed linen for all guests, full set of towels and beach towels
  • 3G/4G Internet onboard for all your trip
  • Snorkeling equipment in customized sizes
  • SUP and Canoe/kayak

6 breakfasts, 4 light lunches and 2 dinners

All our meals are well balanced to include vegetarian dishes even without notifying us.

Shall you wish to cancel your sailing vacation, then this can be done via phone or email. The refund policy is based on the time-interval between the travel date and the cancellation date:

 For more that 90 days before embarkation: full refund of the paid amount, minus 150 euros administration fee will be made.
 89 – 60 days prior to embarkation: 30% of the total Retreat fee is retained.
 59 –30 days prior to embarkation: 50% of the total Retreat fee is retained.
 30 – 0 days prior to embarkation: 100% of the total Retreat fee is retained.

While on-board

Let’s face it. It’s an online world these days! Our mission is to get the catmaran rigged and ready to get the best possible internet connection with 3G/4G mobile data, as you run your business from our boat!

Phones, tablet computers, Go Pros, and other similar items can be charged any time via a 12 volt to USB converter on the boat.

When we are not sailing, what you do is up to you! You can stay on the catamaran making your own work or explore the islands.

Yes, for those that want to get even more out of your week on the seas, we have some fun optional local activities on offer. Ranging from leisurely bike ride around islands to a yoga lesson or spa treatment. The costs for these are not included in your tour cost.

Once you make your booking, you will get a list of the upcoming activities to choose from so that you can start getting excited!

In the evenings you have the option to join your new friends out on the land or have the night to yourself for a quiet night in.

Don’t worry, you are not alone on the cataraman! Our host will prepare your meals, using fresh local products. He will also take care of the housekeeping.

A typical cruising day will be setting sail after breakfast, a morning swim stop and/ or an afternoon visit to an island or secluded bay for relaxing and swimming. You will be moored in port by around 5:00pm for the night, giving plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping and planning your dinner arrangements. Your Host will point out the highlights and give you a better insight to the places we visit and things to do for the afternoon/evening.

This will depend upon the particular destination of the day, however we look to organise our itinerary so that there are not more than 30 nautical miles between ports. This equates to around 5-6 hours at sea – plenty of time normally for a lunch stop in a bay with a swim.

Skipper is responsible for the safety of all persons, yachts and equipment on this journey and as such he/she is permitted to vary the itinerary sailed if in their opinion the weather or operating conditions make this necessary.

We will aid you to confirm on the day which port the catamaran will be in and the best way to get to your destination.

Corpotate & Custom Retreats

Sailing is the perfect team building activity as it combines learning of new skills and brilliantly shows the importance of working together. We can easily accommodate these wishes. Email us with your plans in as much detail as you can and we will get back to you with availability, rates and suggestions:

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