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Why Digital Nomads in Greece Live the Best Life

When most people talk about digital nomads, they usually continue by mentioning a South-East Asia location. How about digital nomads in Greece? We’re no strangers to digital nomads and the remote work industry. In fact, our business is built around providing retreats for digital nomads and remote teams. As keen travelers ourselves, we’ve seen much of the world between us, and we like to think that we’re experts at working on the move.

But everyone has to settle down at some point or other, and when we decided to build our business around offering remote retreats to people living the digital nomad lifestyle, there was only one place that made sense for us.

Perhaps we’re biased, but we think that digital nomads in Greece have the best lives of all, and that’s even when we assume that the benefits of remote work make it one of the best jobs in the world in the first place. Digital nomads can work and travel anywhere they like. Here’s why they should work and travel in Greece.

Greece for digital nomads

Greece is a beautiful country in general, but it becomes particularly attractive for digital nomads because of everything from its stunning locations to its potential for networking. Located right at the center of three different continents, it’s a cultural, technological and historical hotspot – and did we mention that the food is fantastic, too?

As if that wasn’t enough, Greece is well-connected to destinations from around the world and it effectively acts as a gateway to Europe and Africa. That makes it easy to travel through, and it also makes it easy to get to. Then, once you’re there, there’s no shortage of coworking spaces and gadgets for digital nomads so that you can keep working while enjoying this little slice of paradise.

Greece also has one of the lowest costs of living throughout the entirety of the European Union. When you couple this with the fact that digital nomads typically work internationally and are able to charge higher rates because of it, it quickly becomes apparent that digital nomads can survive and thrive in Greece while simultaneously reducing their hours for a better work/life balance.

Other benefits of Greece for digital nomads

Another big benefit of visiting Greece as a digital nomad is the fact that the internet infrastructure is so consistently reliable, with speeds typically ranging from 9 MBPS to 13 MBPS. Sure, you might find higher speeds elsewhere, but you won’t get the beautiful landscape to go with it. We’ve also found that the countries offering a higher average speed typically have less reliability and a lower uptime.

Greece is also home to a booming start-up scene, with meetups all over the place and all sorts of networking opportunities for those who do remote work from a home office. It’s even based in a convenient time-zone, allowing your working day to intercept with that of both the United States and Asia. Hopping on international calls with clients is easy, especially with the country’s more reliable internet.

Then there’s the laid back culture that the country enjoys, the thriving night life (including some of the best nightclubs in Europe) and its beautiful, clear blue waters. Most digital nomads have a “work hard, play hard” ethos, and Greece is one of the best countries in the world for offering a mixture of the two. In fact, there’s nothing to stop you from spending all day working on the beach before packing your laptop away and heading to a beachfront bar.

Getting help

Now that you know why Greece is a great place to achieve a work life balance as a digital nomad, it’s over to you to plan a remote retreat or to look at planning a roadtrip for digital nomads. Remember that the challenges of remote work are far outweighed by the benefits, one of which is the fact that you can take part in or organize a remote retreat at a moment’s notice.

We firmly believe that Greece is home to many of the best cities for digital nomads, which is why we specialize in facilitating digital nomad meetups and more throughout the country. So if you’ve been trying to wrap your head around how to plan a remote retreat, there’s no need to worry any longer. Get in touch with us to find out more about our work and travel programs and get started planning your Greek adventure today. We’ll see you soon!

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