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6 Tips for Road-Tripping in Greece

Wanting to take the control of the wheel and explore the beautiful Greece at your own pace? A road trip in Greece is the perfect opportunity for nomads and everyone else to go on an adventure and make amazing memories along the way. Here, you can find our 6 tips for road-tripping in Greece, enjoy!


Tolls, tips for road tripping in greece

If you do not want to spend time with taking back roads, tolls are much more convenient for you to use. They vary from around 70 cents to about 4€ per segment. Head for the toll kiosk with a picture of a green man with an outstretched hand – these take cash. Don’t forget to keep some coins handy while you are driving! 

Narrow Roads

Greece has become a byword for the white & blue villages with bougainvillea. We all have the visual in our minds, don’t we? However, driving to those dreamy places is not that easy! Because the roads are narrow one-lane per direction roads, you have to stop to let the oncoming traffic pass and at some point, this can double your estimated time of trip. You know what they say, to reach the reward at the end, you should accept the struggles you will encounter in the process. 

Mountain Roads/Rural Roads 

rural and mountain roads, tips for road tripping in greece

Greece is a mountainous country and if you are not used to driving in mountain roads, it can be tricky. You should be slow and careful of hairpin turns. You may encounter goats in the road or slow-moving truck or tractor. We know the best views are on mountain roads but keep your eyes on the road!  

Gas Stations 

Gas station tips for road tripping in greece

Gas stations in Greece offer a free air pump and water for your use. They are not self-service, once you get there, someone will help you and fill your tank with fuel. They close around 7:00 PM during weekdays and they are closed on Sundays but there is at least one gas station open in each area at night and on Sundays. Fuel in Greece is one of the most expensive fuel in Europe. If you are going to rent a car, you should ask for budget friendly ones. To choose between a variety of rental car companies, you can check our post in which we have compiled the rental car companies!    


According to Greek Reporter, Car Crashes in Greece are the highest in in the European Union. Although the speed limits on highways is between 100-130 Km/hour for the most part, many Greek drivers violate it by a lot. You can see cars driving on the emergency lane most of the times, don’t be surprised! Be aware of the motorcycles! They try to fit in everywhere as long as there is enough space to squeeze in.  

A Little Warning – Traffic! 


If you are in Athens and you want to spend a weekend away, you should think about it again- especially if it is a special time like Easter, Christmas or other festive days. You may spend your time on the roads rather than enjoying the free time.

Now you know our 6 tips for road-tripping in Greece. Are you thinking about having a road trip in Greece? Here is our post about “3 Amazing Road Trips from Athens”

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