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The 10 Top Coworking Spaces in Athens

We are witnessing a change in the work formats. Every day startups, entrepreneurships and freelance jobs are becoming more and more popular all around the world. While these changes take place, the need for coworking spaces has become inevitable. Regarding this need, many coworking spaces have been open for like-minded people, digital nomads to come together and work. Seeing these places as ?just an office? would be wrong. They offer enjoyable experiences with your fellow workmates and of course the network and new connections! As Greece becomes a great workation destination for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers, we?ve compiled a list of the 10 top coworking spaces in Athens. They are all amazing in different ways, so we hope we help you understand better which best suits you! We present them in random order.

1 – The Cube

The Cube - coworking office for remote work in Athens
The Cube

?We are ?a community melting-pot.?” This is how Maria and Stavros, the founders of ?The Cube?, define themselves. We would not be wrong in saying that they are absolutely right! With its 7 floors, The Cube provides offices, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, a workshop and event spaces. They host 20 startup companies and creative individuals. With their years of experiences, they are ready to support you and give consulting in your entrepreneurial journey.

Useful Info – The Cube

2 – Impact Hub Athens

Impact Hub Athens - coworking office for remote work in Athens
Impact Hub Athens

Impact Hub is a member based coworking space and event venue. It is part of a worldwide community of more than 13,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, techies, consultants, investors, creatives, artists, and more. As a result, it is considered among the best known coworking space in the world. They organize events, workshops that inspire creativity and empower your team. The membership packages are affordable. They allow you to customize according to your professional needs and preferences. The place is in Karaiskaki, in an old Greek house with an amazing terrace where you can watch the sunset.

Useful Info – Impact Hub Athens

3 – Stone Soup

Stone Soup - 10 top coworking spaces in Athens best coworking spaces in Athens - Erratic Paths
Stone Soup

Stone Soup is an old folk story in which hungry strangers convince the people of a town to each share a small amount of their food in order to make a meal that everyone enjoys and exists as a moral regarding the value of sharing. And this is exactly what they do! As a production house based in the center of Athens, Stone Soup opens its door to everyone to gather, co-work, learn and build together. You can either work in the open space or rent an office. You can take advantage of their consultancy to get help from talented freelancers and companies for your projects. Oh, and also in its cozy environment, you will hang out and socialize with other passionate individuals!

Useful Info – Stone Soup

4 – Tzaferi 16

Tzaferi 16 - coworking office for remote work in Athens
Tzaferi 16

Winning ?2018 Coworker Members? Choice Award” for coworking spaces in Athens says it all. This old cosmetics factory transformed into an endearing coworking space will make you feel unique! It locates on Piraeus Street, next to the Benaki Museum. In Tzaferi 16 you can get to know professionals from various fields and share creative ideas. You can choose from the packages they offer, or you can create something which suits you the most. While there, you should host your meetings at the Olive Tree Square, the cafe, the penthouse or the roof!

Useful Info – Tzaferi 16

5 – Athens Place

Athens Place - office for remote work in Athens
Athens Place

They say ?Creative people need a place to work. Small businesses need a place to grow. Communities need places to come together.? Athens Place is the place where you can make all that happen. It does not matter if you are an influencer, a startup enthusiast, a digital nomad or a freelancer, you can get your work done here. It is an uncluttered space witch white, airy and vibrant decoration and cheerful atmosphere to boost your creativity and productivity.  The facilities include a virtual office, event spaces, meeting rooms and the veranda with a great view to Athens city and Acropolis. They offer a creative space to focus, collaborate and succeed. To carry the experience you have there to the top, they are launching a gym and a playroom soon.

Useful Info – Athens Place

6 – Romantso

Romantso - office for remote work in Athens

The former printing plant of the infamous Romantso magazine is now a creative hub for digital nomads and entrepreneurs within the creative industry. It also hosts events like art exhibitions, music performances, workshops and more that the wider public can attend. The building, with its private and shared working spaces, has been turned into a melting pot for young creatives. In order to present new ideas and keep the creative mood up, attendance to all events, the exhibition space and the cafe are accessible to everyone. No doubt while getting your work done here, the atmosphere will feed your soul and inspiration.

Useful Info – Romantso

7 – Regus Athens – Maroussi

Regus Athens-Maroussi - office for remote work in Athens
Regus Athens Maroussi

We did not forget the northern suburbs of Athens! Regus has 7 offices in Athens including one in Maroussi. The modern building?s facilities include shared area, meeting rooms, virtual office and a kitchen with unlimited tea and coffee-an absolute must. You can get a daily access which starts from 4,70 euro!

Useful Info – Regus Athens-Maroussi

8 – The Found.ation

The Found.ation - office for remote work in Athens
The Found.ation

The Found.ation originally established in 2011 as one of the first coworking spaces in SE Europe. They lead companies to ?unlock their resources towards a human-centric future.? They also educate people and companies in the digital mentality. Located in gentrified neighborhood, the Found.ation is a home for entrepreneurs and hackathons.

Useful Info – The Found.ation

9 – theSwitch

theSwitch - office for remote work in Athens

The studio is located in Psyri. The area is easy to access. They support individuals and teams to work, to co-create, to arrange their meetings, small lectures, interviews or workshops. Their relaxing area and common terrace will let you take a break with the historical view of Athens. 24/7-hour access is a feature that carries theSwitch one step further!

Useful Info – theSwitch

10 – Spaces Athens-Ermou

Spaces Athens - office for remote work in Athens
Spaces Athens-Ermou

They are close to public transport stations, they provide super- fast W?-F?, 24 hours access, and barista-made coffee. What more could one ask for? Here, you can work, check your emails, meet your clients and create new ideas. Spaces app will help you find a member or easily book a room for your meeting in advance. Also, the members of Spaces have access to all the Spaces offices around the world, so you can connect wherever/whenever you are.

Useful Info – Spaces Athens-Ermou

What do you think about our picks? Have you worked on any coworking space in Athens? Would you add any other that we left outside this list? Let us know your thoughts and preferences so that others can learn from your experiences!

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