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6 Reasons why Greece is a great workation destination for digital nomads

Greece is famous as one of the most touristic European countries, boasts of fantastic landscapes, and the great Mediterranean climate and food. There is no denying that it is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Many aspects make Greece a favorite location for freelancers and digital nomads.

1. Perfect Climate

Greece enjoys up to 300 days of sunshine a year! While much of Europe is blanketed by snow or suffers under gray skies, you?ll find plenty of opportunities for clear weather in many parts of Greece!

In reality, this means hot summers, beautiful springs, warm autumn temperatures suitable for swimming in the Aegean sea, and very mild winters.

2. Easy To Reach

Getting to Greece is super easy and cheap. Most budget airlines fly to the country from anywhere in Europe. Look for flights to Athens and you?ll most certainly find one way tickets from anywhere in Europe in low cost.

3. Earthy Cuisine

Greeks love to eat, and they love to take their time to do so! With deep roots in the Mediterranean diet, Greek cuisine is both healthy and delicious. It?s based largely around fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, fish, and a small amount of cheese and yoghurt. Non-meat protein sources in the form of beans and legume such as fava and lentils are also a popular staple, usually used in soups, stews and salads.

You can choose to eat almost anywhere you like, and many fine dining restaurants will serve some delicious meals in affordable prices!

4. A City That Has it All

The digital nomad scene has grown exponentially in the past few years, and few places have embraced it quite like Athens, the capital of Greece. The city offers the right combination of the convenience of living as well as being close to nature.

Do you want to go for a climb, surf or have a kitesurfing session after work?? Or simply enjoy a run along the beach promenade? It?s all possible in Athens.

5. The Internet and Coworking Spaces

Balancing work and play better than anyone else???that?s what digital nomad life is all about. Greece has developed an efficient network of internet providers. Thus, the digital nomads can enjoy high-speed fibre internet packages and fast download speeds.

Athens has a mix of affordability, infrastructure, and quality of life that?s difficult to find elsewhere. Co-working spaces act as a great medium for digital nomads to meet and network. There are also cafe and bars, which make socializing with other foreigners and English speakers easy.

6. World Heritage Site Hopping

Greece is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Travelers can visit 16 cultural World Heritage Sites and two natural World Heritage Sites, ranging from the archaeological areas of Acropolis, Oracle of Delphi and Mycenae to ‘the columns of the sky’ Meteora and the Mt Athos. No matter where you are, there’s definitely a World Heritage Site nearby.

6(+1!). Heaven for Outdoor Life and Sports

Are you a seeking a memorable experience in Greece? The nation with the eleventh longest coastline in the world, and which is also 80% mountains and hills, beckons you. Because of its diversity of landscapes, outdoor activity aficionados can also have their fair share of fun. Take a surfing holiday in Paros, climb the unique geological rocks of Meteora, hike the Mt Olympus or simply dive in secluded coves and underwater caves,

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