What is co-workation? The New Digital Nomad Path

The nomadic lifestyle is one of the fastest growing lifestyles we have today. The number of people working remotely is rapidly increasing. Technology is creating new professions and applications which enable people to work from anywhere. All they need is a good internet connection.

No matter if you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, as long as you let your employer or clients know what you’re doing and continue to meet your work obligations, does it really matter where you work from? Everything is possible.

The co-workation is typically a one-week to three-month escape from your routine work environment to reflect on things such as, restructuring your team or an innovative new project or perhaps refocus your corporate role. And you’re surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and other professional freelancers, who are there to trade tips, collaborate and keep one another motivated.

The 4 Rules of Workationing

Find the proper “home

One of the biggest challenges of being digital nomad is finding proper accommodation, whether is for a short or long term stay. Comfort is critical so that you stay focused. The basic key factors are stable and fast internet connection, a kitchen to cook (so, you don’t need to eat at restaurants every day), plenty of natural light, a comfortable desk and chair, and easy access to a city center.

Organize technology

Firstly, you should prioritize everything needed for work. That includes a laptop, charger, portable charger, external hard drives, a smartphone, camera equipment, universal adapter and extra plug points. If you want to be productive and make sure you have high speed internet, heading into an office might be a great solution. Find somewhere professional to work, for example, a coworking space center. That way, you’ll wrap up your work quicker.

Structure the days

Decide that you’ll work for a set period each day, at a set time. Don’t work outside these times. If colleagues need to update or consult you, ask them to send a single daily report, by email, at a set time each day. Even though you might have a tight schedule, rest and relaxation are equally important for you as a Digital Nomad.

Document your experience

Joining a workation gives you the opportunity to work in incredible places around the world without giving up your job, your stable salary or even your vacation days. No more choosing between work and travel! Do your future self a favor and get a good camera to take as many pictures as possible!

How can we help?

If you’re looking to jump-start your next Co-workation Retreat in Greece but don’t know where to go, let Erratic Paths help you. Whether you are an individual (freelancer or entrepreneur) or a team there are great possibilities for you. Check out the upcoming Co-working Sailing Retreat for more information.